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Based in Lebanon, established in 1992, EPS is a professional manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies(UPS),inverter power supplies, AC power stabilizers, electronic transformers and maintenance-free lead acid batteries. It is not only one of the few manufactures that cover a full range of UPS series, but also one of the biggest UPS Manufacturers in Lebanon.

The company provides UPS of the stand-by, high-frequency on-line, line-interactive and inverter series of 100 specifications. Any requirements from all kinds of our customers like re-designing and tailor-making can be met by us. We also welcome orders.

EPS boats a highly professional R&D team composing of professors, senior engineers and experienced technologists, which enables the company to apply the most advanced technologies to its design and production of UPS products of high performance. EPS products are well known on the market for its high technology and competitive prices and have been widely used in such fields, eg. banks, factories, securities and government authorities and etc. 

Providing what you require about and meeting what you need are what we always pursue!