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AGM Scrubber Sweeper Battery-EV series

General Features

1. High capacity design, higher energy density.

2. Excellent deep cycle property, Longer service life .

3. Private grid construction design and paste recipe,high charging acceptance ability.

4. Private valve regulated seal construction, safe and reliable.

5. Outstanding vibration-resistant, wide operation temperature.

6. AGM separator, no fluid electrolyte, guarantees oxygen recombination inside the battery.

7.High purity lead calcium alloy, maintenance free and lesswater losing.

8.Lower self-discharge, better storage capability.

9.Advanced inter partition (TTP) welding technology obtains shorter current transfer path so as to get lower

electrical resistance.

10.Strength-enhanced containers and lids are made of polypropylene (PP) to keep tight assembly of batteries.

11.Adopt heat sealing technology to seal container and lid, absolutely no leakage.

12.High strength terminals with high conductivity are very good at high current discharging.

13.Strength-enhanced containers and lids are impact resistant and made of polypropylene (PP).

14.Attached protective covers for terminals and removable carry handles are convenient for operation.

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