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HIGH FREQUENCY BATTERY CHARGER HFC 1220 - 1240 - 2420 - 4810

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High frequency charger is designed for lead acid battery, free maintenance sealed lead acid battery and AGM battery and in marrine equipment.
HFC charger extend your battery life and is light weight and can be fitted in any place.
Input 180-250V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output 13.8 VDC for HFC1220- 1240, 27.6VDC for HFC2420 , 55,2 VDC for HFC 4810 Max. Current 20A for HFC 1220 Max. Current 20A for HFC2420 Constant Voltage Constant Current

Dim :for 12-20
Dim: for 12-40 & 24-20
W= 17cm
D= 32cm
H= 8 cm