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Lightning and surge protection




EPS lightning discharge in advance has the knock-on effect of the active lightning protection system installations - lightning active, mainly by the three systems (air power capacitors, high voltage pulse delivery system, the current discharge system) formed, and dual instantaneous discharge of a multi-layer devices were isolated and harsh environment of material watertight protection, the risk of non-aging, maintenance-free, has been widely used in all types of buildings, anti-project.
Air Power Capacitor: 90% of cases, gathered lower negative charge, positive charge arising from the earth sensors. When assembled charge to a certain extent, on the earth field strength can be regarded as a great deal of flat-panel capacitor, positive charge the earth to reach the needle through the lightning rod, as a result of a lightning rod EPS of the shell and the needle bar insulating material and between the two groups in an instant discharge device isolation, shell potential sensor capacitor, and its value is far lower than the tip potential, the potential difference caused by the strong.
Start the lightning protection systems: EPS-style lightning discharge in advance of a group built around the electric field depend on the changes arising from the transformer high-voltage pulse-type transmitter. When surrounded by very high electric field (higher than 50kV / m), the energy of a lightning rod assembly and the device will be absorbed by the accumulation of floating through the external electrical potential difference created to pull the conversion of energy. And then the high-voltage transformer type transmitter radiation in the instantaneous high voltage pulse of ionizing the air in the atmosphere, to enhance and enlarge a lightning rod around the electric field strength will be up potential to increase the discharge, a lightning rod and shorten the distance between the insulation.
Lightning current discharge system: With the continuous enhancement of this process, and lightning insulation gap between the short, field strength greater, further ionizing the air until the pilot and the main discharge discharge. The launch of high-voltage pulse in the time necessary for pre-mine (Tracer) arrived in time to discharge the ground before the launch of its pre-mine the average speed is 1m/μs, the operating procedures of the time difference ahead of time as the discharge time in advance.

TA lightning discharge in advance with the following characteristics:
→ the first discharge time 30μs ~ 60μs, that is, into the earth mine cited priority;
→ in the same installation height, the Franklin lightning rod than the general protection of radius several times;
→ physical structure of pure-type lightning rod, the internal non-electronic devices, non-aging, maintenance-free.
→ appearance, choice of stainless steel material, can be installed on mine premises environment.
→ Lightning device is light weight, low load.

EPS lightning Table Model specifications are as follows: (TA-1 lightning rod, TA-2 lightning rod, TA-3 lightning)

Lightning models
Early discharge time △ T
TA-1Lightning(A-30) 25us
TA-2Lightning(A-45) 45us
TA-3Lightning(A-60) 60us


1, h - height in advance the effective discharge of a lightning rod for the early discharge of a lightning rod above the surface to be protected from objects;
2, D - electric distance (ball radius), according to different types of lightning protection (Level) and the values are different according to GB 50057-94 "mine building design specifications", corresponding to I, II, III Class Building D, respectively, the radius of the ball for 30m, 45m, 60m; according to the French standard NF C 17-102, corresponding to I, II, III Class D buildings, respectively, the radius of the ball for 20m, 45m, 60m;
3, on the table when the lightning rod installation height h ≥ 5 meters, according to rp = calculated;
4, early discharge of a lightning rod for the best mounting height 5m;
5, ahead of time to install the light of lightning discharge 99D501-1 "installation lightning protection of buildings."