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Lightning Warning System


LPI _Lightning Warning System



Product No:Pro2009429164038
Product Model:Lightning Warning System


LPI as a result of the company s products have their own sustainable development strategy, therefore, all the manual changes will be notified in advance.

Main features:
Lightning 1.15KM the scope of activities of the early "detection"
2. When the Lightning close to the range of 8-10KM issued a "warning" alarm signal
3. When the turmoil over the issue of "lifting the warning" alarm.
4. The collection of data by downloading information
Product Description

LPI lightning warning system designed to be suitable for any partial order to provide detection equipment before the storm arrived in the current release contains the lightning. It has also been designed for lightning may be issued to the people of the region to attack alarm.
Lightning warning system is controlled by the micro-computer in order to provide easily understandable alarm, when the Lightning made close to the main case of internal analysis, a warning will provide the location and the relevant circumstances.
The antenna system can sense changes in magnetic field strength e can also be detected at the same time at close range and distance of the lightning current.
If there is strong electrostatic field, or jump a short distance away the lightning current was detected, it will trigger the alarm. System provides both cases the alarm.

The case of the alarm warning
System in a radius of 10-15 km within the scope of the main lightning detection or magnetic field strength to reach electronic 4KV / M when the alarm warning is given, the first warning that the storm passed close to the monitor or in about 20-30 minutes to reach the region.

This warning no circumstances make any action, the first-level alarm is warning users who will be the advent of lightning, but it will have the opportunity to disperse and not to the scope of the monitoring.

The case of the alarm warning

System in a radius of 8-10 km within the scope of the main lightning detection or magnetic field strength to reach electronic 7KV / M, when given a warning signal, the signal directed towards the monitoring of thunderstorm and around the region are likely to arrive 10-15 minutes. If the sky directly in the formation of thunderstorms, the system will trigger the alarm and pointed out.
When the alarm is issued, the external alarm (siren) will be triggered to warn the danger is imminent.

Closer to the early forecast lightning to a wide variety of industry groups to provide a more appropriate, the nature of security preparedness tool, LPI LWS Typical industrial applications include:

1. Using explosives for blasting operations in mining industry
2. The construction industry
3. Oil and gas products
4. Sports facilities such as golf, football, tennis, horse racing
5. General outdoor recreation
LPI LWS most widely used as a golf venues for lightning forecast, due to electric shocks and death or injury was in the world of golf is often seen on golf course management to play to provide for "care responsibility" , staff is also true, therefore, LPI LWS to provide safe and reliable lightning detection system, work to dispel the concerns could be close to thunderstorms in order to put a total security arrangements for timely play ball.

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• Console
• 50-meter antenna cable is attached portfolio
• electronic whistle device attached cable 20 meters
• records and computer data RS232 connection cable
• Software (CD)
• Earthing Accessories
• power cord

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Ordering Code Description
LWS Lightning Warning System
LWS - Tester Lightning Warning System Tester