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Photovoltaic application systembullding Integrated photovoltaic solar system




Photovoltaic system and Application

      Photovoltaic power system takes advantage of reliable supplying, convenient inatallation and free maintenance, and has been used widely, it is the compensation and substitution of normal power supply. STING RAY by EPS provides power solution for home, business and industrial customers, and provides grid and off-grid connected system for rural area. The company not only can supply high quality photovoltaic products, but also provides professional system solutions and high quality service.

       Building integrated Photovoltaic Solar System (BIPV) is a new conception in field of solar generating electricity application, which is perfect combination between solar photovoltaic system and modem construction. In modem construction, the electricity can be provided by photovaltaic modules that laying out on the integrated construction of solar power system, roof, skylight and screen wall. STING RAY by EPS, who has abundant experiences and advanced technologies in this field, can provide satisfaction power solution.

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