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"MD" series three phase UPS

"MD" series three phase UPS

. True intelligent UPS with the mini-processor control.
. True on-line UPS, pure sine wave output.
. Using the latest power unit IGBT to make the UPS more efficiency and reliable.
. Output three phase 100% unbalance load, operate continuously.
. Unique output short circuit protection, jump-free main switch.
. It is safe and reliable with the isolation transformer.
. Whole protection against load, auto limit current, it is conformed to the start requirement of different load.
. DC cold start ability can provide convenient and flexible programmer for the users.
. Long standby time, it also can be connected with the generator and constitute the long standby time.
. Obtained remote control, remote survey port (standard equipment) and constitute the long standby time.
. It can be constitute the 200VDC input inverter for the special use of power station.

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