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Specifications :


Most people can realize the unstable power source may cause improper operation or damage to the electronics or electrical home appliances.

VS 207P is an industrial heavy duty single phase automatic voltage stabilizer.


-   AC input : 160 - 240 VAC -AC output : 220 5% - Frequency : 50/60 Hz. - Microprocessor controlled

-   Status indicator : led, voltmeter.. - Overload protection (Circuit breaker)

-   Over voltage protection (Electronically supervised)

-   Regulation by means of serial transformers resulting in a brown-out and micro black-out free operation.


lithe output voltage is out of range, the unit automatically stops supplying power and a red led indicates a fault condition.

As soon as the output voltage returns back to in-range, the unit restores its normal conditions and the fault led extinguishes.


VS207P: 30A 40A 50A 60A 70A


Weight: 61 Kg 66 Kg 70 Kg 97Kg 100 Kg


Dimension: WxDxH  40 x 56 x 26 cm

                 WxDxH  45 x 65 x 31 cm