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DBW and SBW Single-phase and Three-phase High-power

Series DBW and SBW single-phase and three-phase high-power full-automatic compensating power voltage stabilizers (Hereinafter called as the voltage stabilizers. ) are designed for stabilizing AC current by importing and absorbing the advanced technology from Western Europe, and conforming to the situation in our country simultaneously. When the voltage fluctuation of outside power-supply network or the load change causes the voltage to be fluctuated, it can automatically keep the output voltage stable. Compared with the other stabilizers, the serial products have the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage control and so on. Furthermore, the serial stabilizers own the wide service load, the capacity for being the momentary overload, long-term continuous operation, the switching for manual an automatic operation, the protection against the over voltage, over current, phase shortage, phase-sequence and the automation protection, etc, So, they are widely used in the equipment of the large electromechanical, t he metal processing, constructional engineering, embroidery textiles, and production flow-line, electrical lift, medical apparatus and instruments, air-conditioner, broadcast television, household appliances, lighting etc. in the line of industry, agriculture, transportation, post and telecommunications, military affairs, railway, scientific research culture and so on.

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